Monday, June 27, 2011

Blessings Here, There, and Everywhere...

I woke up today thinking it was going to be an ordinary Monday. But, it turned out to be the most amazing Monday that I can remember.

I got to work and it felt like the artic! But being frozen the whole day didn't ruin my day!

I called a paintshop to see about getting J.C's car painted. (We have been comparing prices for weeks now) I found the perfect place. With the help of my Momma, we are getting our car painted for about half the price as anywhere else. The paintshop is only charging us for labor. They said they have extra paint in the back that they need to get rid of so they are giving it to us for FREE!!! Our His car will be ready in about 4 days!
He's so Handsome!!

After we left paintshop we stopped by animal shelter to see if the kitten we rescued and gave them was adopted or not. And I was so happy to hear that he was adopted about 4 days ago. They said his broken leg healed on his own and he was jumping and playing all the time. I still miss that little thang.

Beside those blessings, we also have financial blessings today. We have so much to be thankful for. Today has been purrrfect!!! (haha, had to do it)


  1. Love it! Nice blogging :-) Glad to hear the kitty was adopted and what a nice deal on the car!! :-)

  2. Mike and I love your blog! :) He's a secret lover of blogs...he acts like he's looking at football on the computer, but secretly he's reading all the fabulous blogs out there. LOL.

    So glad that the car is being taken of...that's so wonderful..and that precious kitty? I fell in love with it just by looking at your pics! :)

  3. Two of my favorite people making things work together. Caryn and I had a van for my work and a toyota Carona that looked much worse than that classic of yours. I hope your road is as fun as ours 25 years ago with every bump and turn you learn new things. Happy trails amigos

  4. Thanks ya'll! Liz, I hope that 1 day my blogs will be as good as yours.

    Bill we miss you soo much. hope to see you soon. Love ya.